How Can I Combine PDF Files?

PDF Combine is an advanced program, by aid of which you can combine PDF files into hefty multi-page documents and electronic books. So far, there is no match to PDF Combine in speed or user-friendliness. Its easy-to-follow user interface guides you the right way, even if you have never seen this tool before. Neither novices nor experienced users have any difficulties handling this program.

Just buy our product and combine PDF files in seconds. PDF Combine can help you do lots of other things too, such as:

  • creating bank statements, invoices, eBooks, etc.
  • combining subfolders within a folder, keeping the folder structure intact
  • automatic creation of tables of contents for electronic books with file names transformed into bookmarks
  • Add macros in the destination path

PDF Combine makes no difference between file types or software, in which they have been created. It permits you to combine unlimited numbers of pages.

Merge PDF Files with Ease!

It takes just a little bit of practice to master this utility. Launch the program and select the folder from the folder tree on the left side of the interface. A list of documents contained in the folder will be displayed on the right.

Check the files to be combined. You can either combine a few documents or all at once. If you would like to merge a few pages, check several files manually. If you wish to unify the entire list, click Check All. To leave out a few files, uncheck them manually.

Click 'Move up' or 'Move down' to define the order, in which your files will be merged. To combine subfolders, click 'Include subfolders'. Click Combine to PDF in the upper left corner of the interface. Use the wizard to select the destination folder. Then click Start.

With PDF Combine permits you to manage PDFs right from the desktop. Run the program and drag-and-drop the file. Use the program as described above. PDF combine features command line support, which allows you to manage your PDF files from within any other program.

PDF combine is really worth its price. It will make your daily work much more productive. Please, don't take descriptions on trust. Download the free demo version and use it for 30 days. Registered users will receive free tech support and upgrades on a regular basis.

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