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Who uses PDF Combine

PDF Combine was released in 2005. Since then thousands of companies all over the world combine PDF documents with it only.

A Spanish engineering consultant firm.

Adams and Reese LLP
Adams and Reese is a progressive law firm based in the USA.

Oryx Investment Management (Pty) Ltd
Oryx Investment is known as one of the best hedge fund managers in South Africa.

Premier Travel Agency
Premier Travel Agency is a UK professional in the travel industry.

Basler Design Group
Basler Design Group use PDF Cpmbine to combine PDF documents.

Sinclair Systems International, LLC
Sinclair provides its customers with a fruit labeling equipment.

Terex is a well known producer of quality capital equipment.

Our clients say:
"The tool is used as part of an automated system. All I needed was a program to concatenate all the PDF's in one directory and your PDFCombine does this well. I have not used the GUI version."
Steve Minns
IT Systems Developer / Administrator

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