How to Combine PDF (Windows OS)

If you are tired of dealing with hundreds or even thousands of PDF files that you have created yourself, downloaded from the Internet or received by e-mail from friends and colleagues, you might want to combine PDFs to save hard drive space. The problem, however, is that this process can barely be completed manually. Rather than spending hours trying to combine PDF files by hand, you should download specialized software known as PDF combiner or PDF merger.

One of such programs, which is rightfully considered by thousands of users as the best seller, is PDF Combine. If you need to combine PDF (Windows OS), simply download the PDFCombine.exe, install it and enjoy the process.

Regardless of whether you are a beginning or advanced user, you will find PDF Combine easy-to-use and efficient enough to perform the most complicated tasks. As such, with the help of this tool, you will be able to:
  • Combine different pages of electronic documents and even e-books
  • Create the table of contents for electronic books
  • Add date and time to the destination path
  • Add headers and footers to the pages of PDF files

PDF Combine does not limit you on the amount of PDF files you can process - simply select all the pages you want and start combining them! Also, you can launch PDF Combine via the command line. This option is only recommended for advanced users, however, if you are only beginning to master the computer, you might be interested to read the step-by-step tutorial on how to use this program via the command line in Windows OS.

To try PDF Combine right away, download your free trial version. You can use for 30 days at no charge and see whether the program meets your expectations or not. Upon the expiration of the trial period, you will have a choice of either uninstalling the tool or buying the activation key.

There is no obligation or hidden fees, so do not wait, download PDF Combine now and convert all your PDF files in seconds!

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