Combine PDF By Folders

Having a lot of PDF files that need to be combined requires a lot of time for their processing. But not if you have PDF Combine. With this problem it will take you a few seconds to convert them all.

You can select any number of files for combining, and all of them will be combined into one single PDF document. Also this utility performs complex combining tasks that will help you to arrange your PDF documentation in the best way. It features a function of combining PDF by folders that combines all PDF sources from one single folder will be combined to one PDF file, and you can select any numbers of folders for combining. In such a way you will get as many PDF files, as many folders were selected for combining.

It is very handy to arrange PDF files properly using this function. Just arrange the files into folders and go through these steps:
  • Open Total PDF Combine
  • Check all folders for conversion
  • Press Combine PDF button
  • Check Separate option and Separate files by folders
  • Do other settings (if necessary)
  • Press Start!

combine pdf by folder

The program features very handy navigation menu, so you will easily find required files. The program will combine PDF files into one or a few. If you select a folder with subfolders inside, PDF Combine can combine files in each subfolder. Just check off Keep folder structure option. After conversion is done, you will be able to check the result immediately, as a destination folder will be opened automatically.

Such option as combining PDF by folders is very useful for optimizing your file storage. Often books or other big documents are available separated by chapters (each chapter - separate PDF files). You can combine it into one for more comfortable use. Try it right now, it is available in free trial!

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