Combine PDF And Create Bookmarks

PDF format is often used for storing and sharing books, documents, portfolios, etc. If you have a scope of separate files that you would like to combine into one, then PDF Combine will be very useful. It can combine PDF and create bookmarks in the output file, that will help you to know where one document ends and another starts. In such a way you will be able to get to the required document by a simple mouse click.

This feature is very useful, when you combine lots of files that are not the part of one single document. Using bookmarks will simplify the search of specific document or chapter. PDF Combine can automatically create bookmarks in the future PDF file. In order to use this option, you will need to check it off in settings menu, and set proper type of bookmark generation. There are the following types available:
  • Use file names
  • Use document titles
  • Use External file with captions

In such a way PDF Combine can create a bookmark for each source PDF document or create bookmarks according to the external content. It is convenient, if you want your bookmarks not coincided neither with file names nor with titles. When combining PDFs with default settings, the program won't create any bookmarks.

combine pdf and create bookmarks

PDF Combine also can work in background mode, if to run it via command line. For setting bookmarks it also offers command parameters. If you want to create bookmarks from file names, just include -content parameters into the command. If you would like to set bookmarks from external file, set -bookmark parameter together with the external file address. If you combine PDF with bookmarks, i.e. a few files with their own bookmarks, they won't be included into the output PDF file.

PDF Combine with bookmarks feature is already available. Download it and test on your files!

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