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If you have lots of PDF files on your PC, you need to group them in a consecutive order, so that you can find whatever you are interested in any time. This is hardly feasible without a good program. Not infrequently, people get confused when it comes to finding the required page. Here comes PDF Combine.

This is the user-friendliest and most time-saving utility you have ever worked with. It combines all sorts of PDF files into larger files in less than a few seconds. It merges any number of pages into a single one, creates a table of content automatically and bookmarks your combined files.

PDF Combine does not require costly Adobe installations. With Total PDF Combine, things will take a turn for the better!

How to Combine PDF Files

PDF Combine is the handiest tool imaginable, so even a novice will master it in a matter of seconds. You can use it via interface or via command line.

Launch the program and select the folder with PDF files contained in it. A list of files will appear to the right f the folder tree. Select the files you wish to combine. The program permits you to combine any number of files. You will be able to manage hundreds of files in seconds. Click Combine PDF in the Convert menu.

The wizard will guide you through the procedure. Here you can select your preferred destination folder and align the text as you see fit. Specify headers, footers and page numbers.

By aid of this program, you may not only combine PDF files, but also separate them. You can separate files by folders or by common name part. When you are through with the settings, click Start. Moments later, you will see the result. Quick, isn't it?

For advanced users, command line support is available. This function is vital for office workers who have to manage scores of PDF documents on a daily basis. This is very handy, as it permits you to combine PDF from within any other utility. Total PDF Combine is shareware. There is also a free trial version, which you can use for 30 days and learn the trick. After 3 days you will see that it is really worth the price you pay for it!

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