Combine PDF Files Into One

With PDF Combine - a new software tool - you can combine PDF files into one in seconds and with little effort. This is an advanced utility, by aid of which you can merge hundreds of files in one click.

PDF Combine is the fastest-working and easiest-to-use tools intended for creating multi-page PDF documents and electronic books. With this utility, you can create compact yet comprehensive documents. This is one of the few programs, which creates tables of contents. It saves titles (or file names, if a page is untitled) as bookmarks and adds them to the table of contents automatically.

How to Combine PDF Files into One

Combining PDFs is very easy. This tool has a robust user interface, so even novice users can grasp the trick in less than no time. All you need to know is the PDF pages and how many of them you need to combine.

In order to combine PDF into one, launch the program. Click on the folder with PDFs in the folder tree. All the files stored in it will be displayed on the right. Check-mark the files that you need to combine. You can either combine a few files or all the files at once. If you wish to merge only a couple of pages, check them manually. If you would like to combine them in batch, click Check all.

You can merge PDF files in different orders. To choose your preferred offer, click Edit in the toolbar and choose either 'Move up' or 'Move down'. Click Combine PDF in the upper left part of the interface. A dialogue window will appear, in which you can specify destination folder. Use the default destination or select the folder, in which you think you will find your documents sooner. Click Start to merge files.

PDF Combine can be launched from within other programs via command line. Besides, you can merge files right from the desktop using the drag-and-drop function. PDF Combine is available online. You can either buy it right now or download the free 30-day trial version.

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