Combine PDF Files into One PDF

Combine pdfPDF, a format used by Adobe Acrobat or a program with the Acrobat plug-in, is designed to store documents containing text, images, forms, annotations, outlines, and other data. Since PDF files preserve fonts and formatting and appear the same on the screen as they appear on paper, they have become very popular among users. However, sometimes users get loaded with PDFs and look for a way to combine PDF files into one PDF.

There are many ways to do it, but the best and most efficient one is to use a special tool for combining PDFs. One of such tools is PDF Combine by Softplicity. Why is it so good, you might wonder? The answer is simple - this program features extended functionality, intuitive interface and high efficiency.

Let's start with functionality. With PDF Combine you will be able to:
  • combine as many PDF documents as you want
  • add macros like date and time to output documents
  • create table of contents
  • keep the structure of folders
  • use the command line
  • enjoy 100% automatic file processing

Now, let's move on to the intuitive interface. The program can be mastered by anyone, a beginning user and a professional because it has a built-in wizard and user-friendly interface. If you need extra help, you can always access free how-to articles and screenshots on the official website of PDF Combine.

The program guarantees 100% quality of processing. All you need to do merge several PDF files into one document, is:
1. Download Combine PDF. You have a choice of getting the free trial version active for 1 month or buying the fully functional product right away.
2. Install Combine PDF as any other program. The installation wizard will guide you through the process.
3. Launch PDF Combine and select the PDF documents you want to merge from the list of folders generated automatically by the program.
4. Click the Combine to PDF button and choose to proceed with the default settings or change them.
5. To enjoy 100% automatic file processing, click the Start! button.

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Combine several PDF documents into one file with few clicks. Plus command line now

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