Combine PDF And Add Page Numbers

PDF Combine utility can not only combine PDF files together. It also allows editing their format and content to make the output documents better looking and used more comfortably. One of such features is PDF page numbering or document pagination. Even if your source files do not have page numbering, after combining all file pages will be properly numbered.

PDF files are combined into a paginated document in the common way. First you select sources, then press Combine PDF button and make required settings. In the settings menu you will find Header and Footer tabs. This is where you can set page numbering parameters. Using them you can:

  • Add page numbers in header or footer
  • Align page number by center/right/left
  • Set margins
  • Set font type
  • Set start number for pages numeration

You can also set continuous page numbering, so that all output PDF document pages will be numerated consequently. Otherwise each part of the document that corresponds to one source PDF file will have its own numeration. The program will combine PDF and add page number on the go, in one action. The page numbers will be located where you specified in settings.

combine pdf by page numbers

Total PDF Combine can be also used, if you simply need to add page numbering to a single PDF file. Editing PDF documents can be a problem, if you don't have special software. With PDF Combine utility you can do this without any problems. Just check it off as a source, press Combine button and set proper position and format for page numbers.
b Total PDF Combine also can combine PDFs in command line mode. It is a useful feature for running PDF combining in background mode. To set pagination, use such parameters as -FootText [page] or HeadText [page], depending on where you want to locate page numbers. All additional settings are listed in Help menu.

Download Total PDF Combine here, get it in free trial to try.

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