How to Choose Good Combine PDF Tool

If you have hard time dealing with hundreds and thousands of separate PDF files, you are almost certain to be looking for an efficient yet affordable combine PDF tool to combine PDF documents. If you are not, then most likely you have never heard about such a tool.

Let us start with the definition, just in case you don't know what PDF combiner, or PDF merger, is. This is a specialized application designed to automatically combine different PDF documents into one. It might also have some extra functions enabled.

If you Google 'PDF combiner' or 'combine PDF' you will see that there are thousands of programs developed by different software companies. Some of them can be used online while others are desktop-based. If you find yourself at a loss, try to create a wish list and select the application according to it. We suggest that you evaluate PDF merger according the following characteristics:

Learn what functions, apart from PDF combining, are enabled in the program and choose the one that is has the functions most important to you.

Learn whether the quality of output PDF files is high. Ignore the applications that do not guarantee high quality of results of protection against data loss.

This is also an important factor to many users. Beware of freeware as it might be of poor quality or contain viruses and/or spyware. Do not overpay for brands as oftentimes the quality of well-known programs is just the same as it is in less popular applications.

The program that perfectly scores on all the three characteristics is PDF Combiner.

First, it can be used not only to combine PDF documents, but also to create the table of contents for e-books, add date and time to the destination path and even add headers and footers to the pages of PDF files.

Second, it guarantees 100% quality of output PDF documents and protection against data damage and loss.

Finally, it is very affordable. In fact, you do not have to pay anything for PDF Combiner for the first month. Simply download your free trial version and enjoy it for 30 days!

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