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Combine pdf How often do you face a need to combine two PDF files into one? Many users say, they face this problem a lot as their friends and colleagues send them separate documents instead of merging pages into one file.

There is an easy way to resolve this problem once and for all. Simply download a special tool designed for combining 2 PDF files and more, and never again get stuck with hundreds of separate PDF pages!

One of the programs that easily combines 2 PDF documents is PDF Combine by Softplicity. Having been developed almost 7 years ago, PDF Combine has been regularly updated to meet the needs of users. Now, PDF Combine can be rightfully called the best tool for anyone preparing a presentation, catalogue, or a report.

PDF Combine has numerous advantages over similar programs available from other developers. First, it has user-friendly interface and does not require any special knowledge to merge files. PDF Combine is almost fully automatic. It does not require you to make any settings unless you feel like changing the default ones. Then it allows to combine two PDF and even more, thus helping you to deal with documents very quickly. Besides, PDF Combine can add macros, keep folder structure, create table of contents, and more.

All you need to do to combine several PDF files into one, is:

1. Download PDF Combine by selecting either the fully functional paid version or the free trial version active for 30 days.

2. Install the program as usual. Pay attention to the instructions of the installation wizard.

3. Launch the program from within the command line or by double-clicking on its desktop icon.

4. Select the files you want to combine from the tree of files.

5. Press Combine to PDF to decide whether you want to keep the default settings or change them.

Download PDF Combine now and enjoy it for free for 30 days! Contact Softplicity to learn more about this and other products!

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