A New Version Of Total PDF Combine Is Released

Combine PDF Labs, a software developer group, has released a new version of Total PDF Combine. This is a very handy and powerful utility that is used to combine PDF pages and documents into a single one.

Total PDF Combine was tailored to meet numerous demands and suggestions from users seeking speed and convenience in file management. The latest version of Total PDF Combine has a number of features that put it above all other available PDF merging tools.

By aid of this utility, users can combine PDF files of any size without having to install any costly Adobe solutions. Total PDF Combine supports all existing PDF file types created in different programs.

The program is apt to automatically build table of Contents for output PDF documents, making the names of input documents into bookmarks. You can also create your own bookmarks and set the program to combine PDF documents in your most suitable way.

With the help of Total PDF Combine, you can merge PDF pages of all types, including invoices, e-books, contracts, bank statements, etc. While combining, you can add macros in destination path and preserve folder structure if there are subfolders within a folder.

Total PDF Combine has a robust and user friendly interface, which is easy to navigate for even a novice user. It takes but a few simple steps to fulfill the whole procedure. All you need to do is check-mark the files, select the destination folder and click Start. The new version features command line support, so you can run it from within any other application.

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