Combining PDF Files

PDF Combine is a new versatile tool intended for combining PDF files into multi-page documents. This tool is renowned for ease of use and fast work. It features an easy-to-follow user interface and does not require expertise or years of experience, so it is great for both professionals and first time users

Combining PDF files with PDF combine is a sheer pleasure. By aid of this program, you can:

  • create various types of documents, such as bank statements, invoices, ebooks, etc.
  • combine different types of PDF files
  • combine an unlimited number of PDF files
  • combine subfolders within a folder with folder structure intact
  • create tables of contents for ebooks with names of combined files transformed into bookmarks
  • Add macros in the destination path

How to Merge PDF Files

It does not take a special education to handle this tool. Run the utility and select the folder from the folder tree on the left. A list of files contained in the folder will appear on the right. Check the files that you would like to merge.

You can merge all the files in one go. Press Check all to check-mark all the files contained in the folder. PDFs can be combined in two orders. Check the files and click Edit. Then choose 'Move up' or 'Move down'. If you wish to combine subfolders too, click 'Include subfolders'. Click Combine to PDF in the upper left corner of the interface. In the dialogue window, specify the destination folder. Then click Start to combine.

With PDF Combine, you can merge PDFs from the desktop. Launch the interface and drag PDFs into the application's window. The folder, in which the files will be dropped, will open automatically. Then follow the standard merging procedure. By aid of command line support, you can combine PDF files from within other programs.

PDF combine is shareware. However, it is really worth its price. With this tool on your PC, your work will run free and easy. To test the program, download the free trial version and use it for 30 days. Registered users will receive free tech support. Feel free to contact our team and share your opinion with us.

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PDF Combine


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