Is combining PDF easy?

Well, is it? Perhaps, it is. Would you like to make sure? Easy game. Don't take descriptions on trust. Buy it right now or download the free trial version and use it for 30 days!

If it comes to that, there are words to say about this tool, so that you know what you are going for. Definitely, there are reasons why it is advisable to use this particular program instead of those costly ones you must have tried by now.

Now, here are the reasons. PDF Combine is a versatile and user friendly utility. It has a robust and easy-to-follow user interface. It takes split seconds for even a newbie to get the trick. Therefore, this program is gaining popularity both among beginners and professionals. PDF Combine permits you to combine PDF documents in large numbers. In other words, you can merge hundreds of PDF files into a single one in seconds.

It does not take any expensive Adobe application to combine PDF files. PDF Combine merges files instantly, creates tables of contents and bookmarks pages automatically. You can shape pages in your preferred way, using the wizard's options.

Combining PDF pages

To combine PDF files, run PDF Combine and select the folder with your files from the folder tree. Check-mark the files, which you would like to merge. If you wish to merge all the files contained in the folder, click Check All. All the files will be checked automatically.

Click Combine in the Convert menu. The wizard will help you select your destination folder. Here you can specify page headers and footers, and date. Align the text in your preferred way. When you are through with the settings, click Start. You can either use the default settings or specify your own settings. In the latter case, the settings will remain intact next time you launch PDF Combine.

PDF Combine features command line support, which is a treasure for advanced users. This function enables you to run the program from with within any other utility. This function does not require any extra payment. However, it is only available for registered users.

If you have purchased PDF Combine, you will receive regular tech support and upgrades for free. You can get in touch with us any time and express your opinion any time!

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