How to combine my first PDF?
Read this tutotrial to know how to handle PDF Combine. It's so easy!

What is the trial version?
It's your chance to test the progrma in your environment before the purchase. The trial version is valid for 30 days. If you like it please buy the registration key. It will unlock the trial version and turn it into a registered one.

How can I pay? You may pay with all major credit cards, via PayPal, place a phone or fax order.

Do I need Adobe Acrobat installed to combine my PDF files? No. PDF Combine is a stand alone application that does not require any other programs to run.

I placed an order. What's next?
After you place an order you immediately receive a confirmation email. If you don't get anyhting within 14 hours contact us. Probably the confirmation email was cut by your antispam filter or your order was not processed. In any case our support people will be happy to help you.

May I use the same license for my laptop and pc?
You may use one registered version on 2 machines for your personal use (i.e. install the program on your pc and a laptop).

I enter the key, but the program stays unregistered.
Please, contact us. We will send you another key.

I lost my key
You do not have to repurchase PDF Combine or Cleaner again. Just send us an email and we will resend your key to you. No matter how many years ago you purchased the program.

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Combine PDF And Create Bookmarks
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