How To Combine PDF Documents

Have you ever sked google how to combine PDF documents? Did you wanted to set specific footers and headers to the target document? Then you probably was looking for a utility that can do this for you automatically. Combine PDF is exactly the utility you need.

The program developed special for combining PDF documents together if you need to create a single document from a few originals. It not only combines, but also edits header and footer of target document. PDF Combine is able to process numerous files in one folder or even a few folders or PDF originals, the program is universally flexible in its functionality. It solves different tasks for optimizing your documents storage, like the following:

  • Merge PDF scanned pages into one single document;
  • Combining downloaded PDF book chapters into one handy file with each chapter bookmarked;
  • Store numerous PDF scans in a handy way by combining it into single backup PDF file;
  • Convenient printing.

The program simply adjusts to your needs. If you need to combine some PDF files located in a few folders to PDF files one file per folder, you can do this by choosing the option "Separate files by folders". If you need to combine all selected sources to one PDF file, just check "Combine all into one document".

How To Combine PDF Documents Via Command Line

PDF Combine works from graphic user interface or can be handled with the help of command line parameters. Command line mode is convenient for combining PDF documents in background mode, without need to launch program's GUI. The commands consist of a few parameters like source destination, target file destination and settings. After the program is installed on a PC, you can use it in any mode you wish.

You can buy PDF Combine now or order it later after using free trial version.

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