How To Combine PDF Files - Tutorial

This is a set-by-step tutorial that will help you to master the program and combine your PDF files in seconds. Remeber that PDF Combine is not limited to a number of PDF files, you may combine as amny PDFs as you need.

Step 1.
Launch PDF Combine. Select the folder with PDF files from the file tree (left panel). The files from that folder will be displayed in the main panel (in alphabetical order). The program will also show you the size of each file, its title, order id, page count. If you want to change the order of the files make a right click on it. The small window with UP and Down option will appear. Use it to move the file as you like.

Combine PDF files

After you selected the PDF files press Combine to PDF button.

Step 2.
Now you pass to settings. PDF Combine is a great simple utitity that does not require any special knowledge to merge files. All you have to do is to set the destination folder. In other words the place to put the combined files to. By default, PDF Combine will place the combined file to the source folder. But it's very flexible and offers other options:

  • You select the folder from the folder tree - green arrow
  • You choose the same folder where your source files are - orange arrow
  • You type in the destination path
Use any of these options. Then press Start button.

PDF Combine destination

Step 3. Find your combined files in the destination folder.

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