How Do I Combine PDF Files

PDF is extremely popular and handy format for storing different sorts of information. People dealing with PDF documents often need to combine a few files into one in order to get scanned pages together or create an entire document from a few separate chapters. When you ask "how do I combine PDF files?" many specialists will recemmend you PDF Combine. This compact but extremely functional program will do everything for you. All you need is to press a few buttons and take a little rest.

The process of merging documents with PDF combine takes seconds. You need to:

1. Launch PDF Combine

2. Form a source files list: in the program you will see the list of your memory folders and the list of files the selected folder contains. Move to the right folder and check all PDF files you would like to merge.

3. Press 'Combine to PDF' button

4. Choose the merge PDF files mode. You have three variants of combining all files together, separating them by folders and separating them by common name part.

3. Do header and footer settings (if needed)

4. Click "Start!"

Such a single procedure will help you to manage with any number of files at a time. It is not a problem for PDF Combine if you would like to merge PDF files located in a few folders or subfolders. The program can reed subfolders as well. It is not necessary to check each file separately. Just check the folder and PDF Combine will convert all files from it.

Easiness is what makes the program perfect for novices. No unnecessary features, difficult adjustments - just the pack of functionality you will exactly need, well-structured and comfortably arranged in the user interface. If you prefer to manage application from the command line, PDF Combine will also be a suitable solution, as it supports command line mode. Try it now!

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