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Editing PDF files is always a task that causes problems, as any simple action like merging PDF files into one requires expensive Adobe software. Combining PDF files into one is especially popular for scanned documents, as a lot of scanners have PDF format as a default for saving scans. Multi-page scanned documents are better to store in one file, for more convenient using and sharing.

You can easily merge PDF files with the help of simple but effective utility PDF Combine. This handy helper is able to process unlimited number of one- and multi-page PDF documents for creating one single file. This file will contain all sources, each file will be bookmarked, so it is easy to navigate through such combined PDF document. With the help of PDF Combine you will get the solution to the following tasks:

  • Combine all selected source PDF files into one document
  • Separate selected PDF files by folders
  • Separate selected PDF files by common name part

The first feature will combine all selected PDF files into one single document, including the files from different folders. Separating files by folders will merge several PDF files from one folder into one document. If there are a few folders selected, a separate file for each folder's content will be created.

Separating PDF files by common name part is useful for scanned documents, when each group of scans is named commonly. For instance, if you have scan_1.pdf, scan_2.pdf and pic_1.pdf, pic_2.pdf, you will get scan.pdf and pic.pdf files as a result of merging sources.

PDF Combine will manage with any PDF file size and any number of sources. This makes him extremely fast working. Only one step is required for combining dozens of PDF docs into one - select all files as sources and click Combine PDF. The program is already at your service, just download it and make all your PDF files merged!

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