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Combine pdfCombining PDF files into a large one is truly a time- and space- saving way of handling PDF documentation. This utility enables you to organize multiple PDF pages and documents into a single one in less than a few seconds. It puts together large PDF documents as fast as small ones. It does not require installation of any extra programs. PDF Combine creates tables of content automatically, as it transforms the names of the documents being combined into bookmarks. You can set your own bookmarks as well. Finally, PDF Combine has command line support, so you can handle your PDF files from within any other utility.

Combining PDF

In order to combine several PDF files into a single PDF file, launch the program and find PDF files using the file tree. By selecting a folder with PDFs, have them listed on the screen and tick those you need to be joined into a single PDF file. If you press Check all button, all the files will be ticked and therefore ready for merging. To cancel the ticking, press Uncheck all. Select Combine PDF in the Convert menu.

Adjust settings using the program wizard. Here you can make headers and footers, add page numbers, dates or any other text to your PDF files. Before pressing Start, make sure the destination path is chosen. This will enable you to promptly find your output files.

Thanks to a new feature, you can separate files by folders and create large documents in groups.

If you would like to purchase PDF combine, you can contact us immediately using our website. We apply honest and straightforward pricing policies and we do not impose any extra fees. If you don't trust the description, download PDF Combine program for free and use it for 30 days. It is not unlikely that a few minutes of using this free demo version will make you want to buy the license version right away. Purchasing PDF Combine will give you a number of advantages, such as an opportunity to receive free updates and personal support.

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