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Combine pdfOftentimes, users face a need to deal with hundreds or even thousands of pages saved in PDF format. Storing each page in a separate PDF file is not the best idea, because this way you will hardly be able to find the document you need. Instead, you can combine PDF pages into one single file and easily navigate through it using the Search tool.

However, you might wonder, if you already have separate PDF files, how to combine them? He answer is simple. All you need is a PDF combine tool, like the one by Softplicity. Its PDF Combine application, first launched in 2005 and upgraded several times since then, is one of the best products for combining PDF files on the market.

What is so unique about PDF Combine?

  • It allows to combine numerous PDF files of any size
  • It does not require expensive Adobe applications
  • It automatically creates table of Contents for the output file and creates bookmarks
  • It has full command line support, so you do not have to pay extra

Moreover, Combine PDF is very easy to use. Here is the how-to-combine PDF tutorial: 1. Download Combine PDF from the program's official website. You can choose from the paid version or the free trial active for 30 days. Install Combine PDF following the instructions of the wizard.

3. Launch Combine PDF.

4. Select the folder with PDF files from the tree of folders. Folder and file details will appear in the main panel. Adjust files' order as you wish and select the files you want to combine.

5. Press the Combine to PDF button.

6. Now, either proceed with default settings or set your own.

7. Select the destination folder or use the default one.

8. Relax and enjoy fully automatic processing of PDF documents!

If you want to enjoy high-quality combining of PDF files, how-to tutorials for free and much more, get the free trial version of Combine PDF by Softplicity now! Contact our customer service center to learn more about this and other products.

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