PDF Merge

Combine pdf PDF merge is a kind of utility used to combine small PDF documents into larger ones. With this program installed on your PC, you can put together an unlimited number of PDF files and create hefty books and documents. This program creates table of contents automatically. You are not going to have to name each page manually. The program uses the names of the pdf files being merged as bookmarks and organizes them into table of Contents automatically. At the same time, you can apply your own bookmarks and edit the table of contents.

This is a kind of PDF Merge software that offers a variety of editing options and features, such as headers, footers, page numbers, dates, etc. You can add all sorts of textual information to your PDF pages. Besides, the program features an option, which allows you to combine files by folders.

PDF Merging

If you would like to install PDF Combine, you are not going to have to install any costly programs, such as Adobe, or any other PDF merge software. To combine PDF files, open the program interface. In the left-hand panel, select the folder, which contains PDF files. Then you can observe the files in the right-hand panel, each file supplied with a checkbox.

If you wish to merge only a few files, tick the checkboxes using the mouse. If you are assigned to combine all the files, click Check all.

Select Combine PDF using the Convert menu. Make more options featured in the automatic wizard. Here you can add footers, headers, dates, page numbers, etc. Please, do not forget to select destination folder. To bring the whole thing off, click Start button.

If you would like to check if what is written in this article is true, click Download and use the free trial version of the program. It will expire in 30 days. Over this period, you can weigh all pros and cons and make your decision.

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