A Program to Combine PDF Files

Combine pdf If you have been looking for a good program to combine PDF files with and have found this one, this is the happy end of your protracted search. We bet that PDF Combine is going to be one of your happiest acquisitions over a lengthy period. This is what our customer satisfaction level suggests!

This program has earned this sort of reputation thanks to its highly intuitive interface and speedy work. It combines multiple PDF files into one regardless of how many you have set it to combine and how big they are. Also, you can use an array of editing features, such as headers, footers, comments, page numbers, dates etc. This program uses file names as bookmarks and arranges them into table of Contents automatically.

How to Handle PDF Combine Program

This combine PDF files program is pretty much of a toy. You are not going to have to strain your mind figuring it out. In most cases, it takes but one brief glance at the interface and a run through the main function s to understand how it works.

If you open the interface, you will see two sections. In the left-hand section you choose the folder, which, as you probably remember, contains PDF files. Check-mark the files, which you are going to combine optionally or click Check all to check-mark the entire group. In this case, all the PDFs contained in the folder will be grouped and merged into a single PDF document.

When the files are chosen, select Combine PDF in the Convert menu. Run through the options presented in the wizard and set destination path. When you are finished, click Start. The output file will land in your selected destination folder.

As you can see, the whole thing takes less than a minute. If you are not sure, you can merge some of your PDFs using the free demo version. This version is set to expire after 30 days. If you have purchased the registered version, you can use the command line option.

Registered users are free to contact us any time and leave their feedback. Also, they enjoy all sorts of support should something go wrong. You can buy PDF Combine right now using our official website and choose any of the payment options specified on it.

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